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Dangers Of Using A Pirated Operating System

And here the stakes are very varied, ranging from performance problems pertaining to problems of stability, recognition of peripherals, lack of support and security issues.

 It is often said that a pirated Windows is faster and has better performance than the original one, reaching to the example of pirated Windows XP installed on computers with very little power, below the minimum requirements.

 This is something that may be true, but not mislead us to achieve this, the path is simple. It's just to remove functions. Some times are really unnecessary functions, but they also can remove the Windows user in a completely original, but sometimes features are removed while not itself being used on a daily basis that are useful and necessary. Retrieval functions are disabled and system configuration, including creating restore points and the tool to make this restoration. Of course, and save disk space, but also lose an important tool when we have a problem. And the worst is not because these tools are not installed, is not given the opportunity to install later or to alert the user.

 Most of the pirated operating systems have adwares installed which will popup unnecesary windows.You can read about Adwares working

 Another problem that arises is that this facility is normally neglected, and to make things easier (which is another excuse to get very often) create user account Administrator. This, for security purposes, is the worst thing you can do, as indeed it is a fact that in a normal installation of Windows, once assigned user name (step prior to the completion of the installation a Windows Service) is hidden and not usable, except in safe mode, and this is not a whim. For those using Linux, imagine an installation that, by default, you create the user root, this being the primary user with full privileges and none of the restrictions on access.

 The manipulation of these Windows is another topic to consider, because you really know who's installed what kind of changes have been made? What security measures have been omitted? What doors are left open malware, intentionally or not?

 Very important in this regard (the security) is that most of these Windows not updated properly, and not passing anti-piracy filters for this purpose include Microsoft (and make no mistake, is in its full right to do so) .

 We must also bear in mind that, not being validated software, there are many supplements that are not going to install or upgrade and in the case of Windows pirates who allow these discharges, sometimes not properly installed, causing even more problems.

 And another problem added that this case affects performance, is that because it's free you tend to always install the highest version available (if not cost me a dime, why should I install an intermediate version?) or install it last to come out, without even considering whether the system or appropriate version for your computer. Then, if it works well, to say that Windows is crap we have enough and, furthermore, it seems that it is well to the staff, when those responsible for these situations are just the Windows users who install these pirates.

 If by economic issues, why not install Linux directly, which, besides being a very good operating system, it's free? Some luminaries claim that is to annoy Microsoft, and I wonder, made that do not sell the license, do not be annoyed as well by installing a pirated Windows than other operating system?

 Also, for those who are not familiar with the computer, the added cost of the operating system will be compensated as they have to carry for that reason the computer a few times to shop for repair (reinstall).

 A point in this regard continues to attract my attention is the number of customers switching Windows Vista and its corresponding original license for pirated versions of Windows XP. This is one of the biggest blunders that can occur. Leaving aside the issue of whether or not the change, the facility itself or the existence of controllers and performance of some components, is that to solve a performance problem (in theory) we are generating a much larger set of problems and worse, to soon have the same performance issues that were older.

 If you change Windows Vista to Windows XP it is best to ask the manufacturer to turn a downgrade, in addition to being free in many cases (upon surrender of the license for Windows Vista), Windows XP have an original and licensed and drivers for our team, and will not result in loss of warranty or other customer services, or at least at the time of purchase, make sure that possibility exists.

 Sometimes it is argued that the computer model, with its features, only available with Windows Vista, and we want that computer with these features, but with Windows XP. Let's see, an All Terrain Diesel to run as a Ferrari and a Ford Fiesta spend does not exist. 

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